About Us

The Merstham Community Facilities Trust (MCFT) is dedicated to supporting the community to achieve their social and economic goals. We are situated within the new Merstham Hub and our aims are to :

  • Challenge local deprivation through the support we give to residents and local organisations
  • Strengthen the local community by providing facilities that bring people together
  • Promote digital inclusion by giving training and access to information technology

At the moment our activities and services are reduced, due to the effects of Covid-19 and the need to ensure that everyone involved in MCFT and Merstham Hub are kept safe. Some of MCFT’s projects continue to be suspended. Please phone for the latest on attending Parks and Greens and our allotment. Repair Cafe and IT Buddies are operating on a reduced basis. To see the latest information about what is available please see our Facebook pages: Merstham Community Facility Trust          Friends of Merstham Listening Project  


Monday to Thursday – 10am – 2pm Friday 10am – noon MCFT and the Hub are open for activities outside these hours, but for bookings, enquiries, or food bank vouchers, we will only be available during these hours. You can contact us via e-mail info@mcft.org.uk or by phone on 01737 333461


MCFT has been going since 2006, with a community of friends, volunteers and staff who have provided a safe and welcoming space to the Merstham community. The Merstham Community Facilities Trust has been, and continues to be, the vehicle for encouraging funding, new projects and community involvement.

We moved from a ‘re-purposed’ shop along the road to our new home, Merstham Community Hub, in 2018. This gave us a much better base to operate from, and new opportunities for the local community.

We share the Hub with the Library, The Mix Community Café and the YMCA Pre-School project.

MCFT has been able to secure two significant funding streams, one being from The People’s Health Trust, through which we have developed a whole range of innovative projects, overseen by local people through The Friends of Merstham. The Friends of Merstham identify what local people want to see developed for their community, and oversee these developments. 

More recently we were successful in gaining funding from the National Lottery Community Programme. This enabled us to employ a full-time Manager and a Volunteer Coordinator. We intend to create many more opportunities for local people to volunteer and support their community, and to provide good quality support and training for these volunteers.

MCFT generates the funds to cover our core costs (rent, insurance, utilities, etc) through renting out our meeting rooms. We are the local base for an impressive range of community, social care, advisory and health organisations to offer their services from.

So, MCFT remains at the heart of the Merstham community. We will continue to support, expand and explore new ways to celebrate Merstham and look for new opportunities for Merstham to thrive.

We will be open to your ideas, suggestions and regularly ask you to give us feedback on what we’re doing and how we’re doing it.