Friends of Merstham Project Priorities



We have spoken to people individually, at our ‘pop up’ conversations and via social media over the last year and have identified the following priorities:

Parks and Greenspaces


Merstham has some great green spaces but people wanted to see improvements to the Rec and some of the green spaces around homes. People were also interested in food growing projects and we have taken on an allotment to give people the chance to ‘grow their own’!

Activities for Local People


There was interest in activities that could bring our community together, whether it was a chess group or a day out to the seaside! Over the coming three years, we will be asking you what you want to do and how you can get involved in organising activities for your friends and neighbours

A Voice for Merstham


Many people felt disconnected from decision making and didn’t know what was happening locally. We want to get people involved in shaping our community and holding our elected representatives to account. We are planning to support people to get their voices heard!

A Digital Community


The world is going digital and we want to make sure our community can keep up! We will be working with MCFT to extend their reach and make sure that everyone in our community who wants or needs access to digital technology gets that chance. We will also be setting up a community web-site to make sure you know what is happening locally and how you can get involved

We think, working together, we can make a real difference.

Keep talking to us, and please get involved