MCFT Staff

Since opening in 2009, MCFT have relied on volunteers and support from Tracey Burrows, the Merstham Community Development Worker to keep the facilities open. In April 2015, we were able to appoint our first employee, Mandy Jenkins to help us manage the facilities, support our volunteers and help us as we move towards our prospective new home in the Community Hub

Mandy Jenkins (MCFT Charity Officer/Volunteer Co-ordinator)


I join MCFT Following a career break taken to care for my young family. Previously I worked in  nursing. After my initial training I had a successful career spanning 18 years, this was predominantly in the field of paediatrics but I also gained experience in many other sectors of the field and the community it served. During my ‘break’ I worked  within the voluntary sector from which I have taken much joy and pleasure in volunteering and working alongside others. It is these experiences which I bring with me to help and develop the role of MCFT and in supporting and developing our very capable volunteers.


Tracey Burrows (Merstham Community Development Worker)

Tracey 1

Although not employed directly by MCFT, Tracey has worked with us to establish MCFT and to bring a range of activities for benefit to the local community to the facility. Tracey says ‘MCFT has provided me with a great home at the heart of the community here in Merstham where I can work to increase access to services, meet and work with local people and progress the aims of my community development work’  Over the next three years, Tracey will be leading on our People’s Health Trust funded project placing local people at the centre of new service provision and making sure that community development is embedded in new activities and services available at MCFT and the wider community

Charlotte Emery (Project Worker, Friends of Merstham Projects)

Charlotte joined us in June 2017 to focus on supporting local people to design and lead on projects funded through our successful bid to Health Sound (funds raised through the Health Lottery). Charlotte is busy getting to know volunteers and local people and is already hard at work on helping get the allotment project off the ground!


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